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Industrial lubricants for Pulp and Paper

Lubricants for more efficiency, more sustainability.

Finding new ways to increase efficiency needn’t be difficult. It could be as simple as changing lubricant supplier. The right lubricant can help you maintain consistency and control over production. Save energy and reduce waste. Plus, the right supplier can do more than just supply. At PLI, we can offer support and services that could help you take efficiency to the next level.

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Meeting your challenges with our expertise.

When you’re trying to drive improvements, you need a partner with technical expertise in the Pulp & Paper industry. So at PLI, we’ve developed specialised products such as PETRONAS Circula PM to reduce maintenance costs and waste, and lower power consumption and CO2 levels. With your industry’s commitment to sustainability, that’s reassuring to know.

Strong partnerships, stronger performance

Superior lubricants allow machinery to operate at maximum efficiency, reducing costs and allowing equipment to perform better, for longer. Ask us about lubricants that require less frequent fluid changes.

Efficiency from your people

It isn’t only in your equipment where you’ll find more efficiency. PLI offer technical training for key personnel. As part of our PETRONAS Solutions, we educate maintenance teams in lubricant storage, handling, and best practices.

Thinking like you

PLI recognises the increase in environmental awareness, standards and regulations applicable to industry today. We continuously work towards reducing our own environmental impact. Talk to us about our energy saving fluids to help reduce CO2.

Innovation and digitisation

Like the Pulp & Paper industry, we use new technology and processes to develop a wider product offering. See how we innovate at our R&T centre in Turin.

Products custom designed for the Pulp & Paper industry


VG 174 cSt

PETRONAS Hydraulic ESF Series are supreme performance anti-wear hydraulic fluids specially developed to reduce fuel/energy consumption in modern mobile and industrial hydraulic equipment operating under normal to extremely heavy duty conditions including latest high speed and high pressure systems.

PETRONAS Hydraulic ESF Series meet or exceed key industrial specifications and OEM requirements.

  • Energy / Fuel-saving up to 10%/6%** enabled by superior formulation
  • Over 5x longer oil life*
  • Excellent rust & corrosion protection that inhibits the corrosion process that occurs in the presence of water leading to improved equipment life

*vs. minimum requirements of ISO 11158 HV for anti-wear hydraulic fluids based on TOST (ASTM D943)


VG 150, 220, 320 cSt

PETRONAS Circula PM Series are premium performance anti-wear circulating oils specially developed for paper machine circulating systems operating under normal to extremely heavy duty conditions.

  • Excellent water separability
  • Up to 3x longer lasting performance*
  • Excellent foam stability

Industry approved products

We pride ourselves on our extensive list of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) approvals. These mean our solution is tested and approved by both leading and regional OEM’s – so you are always assured of optimal compatibility between system and product.

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We've developed specialised products for the Pulp & Paper industry at our world-class R&T Centre in Turin. Designed to reduce maintenance costs and waste, they can help lower power consumption and CO2 levels, complementing your efforts to improve sustainability.

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