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Lubricants that can improve productivity

In today’s market, staying competitive means boosting productivity in any way you can. This could be a simple as changing your metalworking fluid. The correct product will not only allow you to increase speeds and feeds to reduce cycle times, it will also extend the life of your machine tools. At PLI, we do more than just supply the right lubricant/fluid, we offer the support and services that can take productivity to the next level.

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Meeting your challenges with our expertise

When you’re trying to drive improvements in production while lowering costs, you need a partner with technical expertise in the metalworking industry. At PLI, we’ve developed specialised products such as Mecafluid – a range of chlorine, phenol and nitrite-free metalworking fluids that allows you to increase speeds and reduce cycle times. Suitable for machining a wide range of metals, Mecafluid offers real flexibility, too.

Reducing costs

In the metalworking industry the ability to extend coolant life and sump life lowers the Total Cost of Ownership of tools. Changing tools less often also reduces downtime, waste and labour costs. Talk to us about our cost saving fluids.


We take safety as seriously as you do. Mecafluid’s boron-free and biocide-free formulation meets stringent European legislation and reduces the risk of skin irritation. Also, as part of our PETRONAS Solutions, we educate maintenance teams in lubricant storage, handling, and best practices.


A fluid suitable for machining a wide range of metals, from steel, aluminium and hard alloys to yellow metals makes life easier. Mecafluid is formulated for use with a variety of water qualities, too. Compare all our Mecafluid products to find the one best for you.

Innovation and digitisation

Like the metalworking industry, we use new technology and processes to develop a wider product offering. See how we innovate at our R&T centre in Turin.

Products custom designed for the metalworking industry


PETRONAS MECAFLUID SYN 1001 ECO is a supreme performance water-soluble metalworking fluid specially developed for grinding of alloy, plain carbon steel and cast iron operating under normal to heavy duty conditions.

Formulated with high quality selected synthetic additives free from Boric acid and Formaldehyde releasing biocides, PETRONAS MECAFLUID SYN 1001 ECO provides long sump life, excellent quality finish, stable water solutions even in hard water and has an excellent HSE profile.

PETRONAS MECAFLUID SYN 1001 ECO is recommended for use in multi-tasking equipment for grinding of alloy, plain carbon steel and cast iron.

  • Excellent hard water tolerance
  • Excellent cooling and detergency properties
  • Excellent stability in use
  • Excellent HSE profile


PETRONAS MECAFLUID S 10 FF ST is a semi-synthetic and water miscible fluid of superior quality for metal working, specifically developed for grinding and normal-to-heavy cutting operations on ferrous materials and aluminium alloys.

Thanks to its semi-synthetic formulation, improved with additives that guarantee high resistance to extreme pressures (EP), to its bio-stability and detergency, combined with an excellent anti- foaming power, it can be used in high pressure systems or where the cooling-lubricant is subject to strong shocks.

The product is free from boron, formaldehyde and secondary amines, which ensures an excellent HSE profile.

PETRONAS MECAFLUID S 10 FF ST is recommended for the following applications:

  • grinding operations
  • cutting operations
  • heavy cutting operations
  • workshops where metals of various types are machine worked.
  • Excellent performances under extreme pressures
  • Machining of several metals, including aluminium alloys
  • High foam stability
  • Low nebulisation
  • Safe working environment

Industry approved products

We pride ourselves on our extensive list of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) approvals. These mean our solution is tested and approved by both leading and regional OEM’s – so you are always assured of optimal compatibility between system and product.

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We've developed specialised products for the metalworking industry at our world-class R&T Centre in Turin. Designed to improve productivity, Mecafluid is Boron and Biocide free (formaldehyde free), complementing your efforts to improve safety.

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