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Maximise efficiency, reduce downtime

In an ever-evolving industrial world, your machinery faces intense daily stress, which increases the likelihood of parts failing. Oil condition monitoring (OCM) is essential in preventing this. Our diagnostic solution tests your used oil, providing the analytical data needed to improve your machinery’s performance, reducing downtime and maximising efficiency. 

Improve performance

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Control downtime

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Reduce maintenance costs

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Technology to keep you moving

Our Diagnostic solution provides the analytical data needed to access and improve your machinery’s performance. Through regular oil testing, detect machine wear and unexpected oil properties as soon as they arise. Spend less time worrying about problems occurring, plan maintenance operations more effectively, and delve into new equipment insights. 

Prevent equipment failure 

Prevent equipment such as engines, transmissions, hydraulic systems and industrial machinery from failing during production. 

Reduce labour and repair costs

Maximise efficiency and move from costly interval-based maintenance to condition-based maintenance. 

Understand your machinery

Our analytical data provides a window into your equipment, enabling you to quickly identify issues and get to the root of the cause. 

Personalised support 

Our team of specialists provide a personalised oil analysis report with expert insights around optimising your operation. 

Industry approved products

We pride ourselves on our extensive list of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) approvals. These mean our solution is tested and approved by both leading and regional OEM’s – so you are always assured of optimal compatibility between system and product.

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From review to results

Explore our innovative fluid-analysis tools and perfect predictive maintenance. Accessible through our mobile app and online dashboard, our specialists provide standard analysis results in as little as 24 hours, with premium analysis results ready in 48 hours.

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