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Lubricants designed to keep you running.

Today’s high demand for energy requires turbines and generators to run at maximum efficiency, with minimum operational downtime. Maintaining the reliability of these large complex machines often comes down to the correct lubricant. This extends both machine life and service intervals, to help keep you running. At PLI, we do more than just supply the right lubricant, we offer the support and services that can take reliability and efficiency to the next level.

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Meeting your challenges with our expertise

When you’re trying to balance meeting demand with maintaining machinery, you need a partner with technical expertise in the power generation industry. At PLI, we’ve developed specialised industry products that can keep heavy-duty turbines running efficiently or protect gas engines against impurities like halogen, siloxane and sulphur.

Reliability with sustainability

While energy demands are growing the plants that power the grid are ageing. Yet they must be maintained to exacting standards to ensure they do not exceed emissions guidelines. Talk to us about our energy saving fluids to help reduce your CO2.


Serviceability. Asking complex gas engines, turbines and generators to operate at peak, and with next to zero unplanned downtime is a real challenge. Ask us how our PETRONAS Solutions can help.

High efficiency output

Increasing the energy yield while running machinery continuously places extra demands on your equipment’s lubrication system. Ask us about products which could help extend fluid drain intervals.

Innovation and digitisation

Like the powergen industry, we use new technology and processes to develop a wider product offering. See how we innovate at our R&T centre in Turin.

Products custom designed for the powergen industry


PETRONAS Jenteram SYN Series are supreme performance synthetic turbine oils specially developed for use in modern steam, light and heavy duty gas turbines, combined cycle turbines with or without associated gear drives. Formulated with high viscosity index selected synthetic base oils enhanced with advanced zinc–free anti-wear, anti-oxidant, anti-rust and anti-foam additives, PETRONAS Jenteram SYN oils provide high anti-wear protection, very good varnish control and excellent thermal and oxidation stability.

  • Turbine oils specially developed for use in modern steam, light and heavy duty gas turbines, combined cycle turbines with or without associated gear drives
  • Up to 4x longer lasting performance*
  • Excellent rust & corrosion protection that inhibits the corrosion process that occurs in presence of water, improving equipment life


PETRONAS Compressor A M4

PETRONAS Compressor A M4 Series are premium performance air compressor oils specially developed for up to 4,000 hours oil life in service*, even when operating at maximum discharge temperatures up to 100°C. Formulated with high quality selected mineral base oils enhanced with advanced anti-oxidant, anti-wear (zinc free), anti-rust and anti-foam additives, PETRONAS Compressor A M4 oils provide high varnish and deposit control, high thermal and oxidation stability for long lasting performance.

  • High varnish and deposit control ensuring high internal surface cleanliness, controls varnish formation providing longer equipment life
  • Up to 2,000 hours oil life in service*
  • High thermal and oxidation stability performance levels under high temperatures and pressure, enabling long oil drain intervals



Industry approved products

We pride ourselves on our extensive list of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) approvals. These mean our solution is tested and approved by both leading and regional OEM’s – so you are always assured of optimal compatibility between system and product.

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We've developed specialised products for the powergen industry at our world-class R&T Centre in Turin. Designed to reduce maintenance costs and waste, they can help lower power consumption and CO2 levels, supporting your need for reliability with your efforts to improve sustainability.

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